Blinkenlights rule

Pretty blinkenlights – the Kamameter has RPM gauge indicators for fan speed, volume and shows temperature. You can change the colours of the indicator and twist buttons and everything!

Limewire hits RIAA

Limewire is slamming the RIAA with antitrust, consumer violations and other misconduct lawsuits. Good luck boys!

SWIFT traffic monitored

Earlier the Belgian SWIFT concern got into a muddle by stating that it had allowed the U.S. access to SWIFT transfer information based on warrants issued by the U.S., but refused to show the EU which warrants had been issued. They basically just maintained they had done nothing wrong and that was that.

Now it seems the U.S. has been monitoring SWIFT traffic for some time – sifting through all international payments in the hope of finding terrorists. Now I don’t remember giving the U.S. (or anyone else, for that matter) permission to sift through my private money transfers, and the E.U. is looking into the legality of the system.

Of course, the E.U. is going to roll over and not get anything done, but it’s nice to know that at least they’re concerned about our personal privacy – especially against the more and more dictatorial republik der Amerika.

Cell Movement

This is an amazing animation of the movement of cells within your body. Very beautiful.

Playing with Fire

Burning Man festival always has a large geek percentage. They found some seriously imaginative ways to play with fire.

Car to car communication

This consortium has a whole load of car manufacturers in it trying to create a decentralised network of road cars which beam each other driving information using 802.11 built in networks. The idea is to beam information about driving conditions, accidents, traffic jams, etc to cars within a few hundred metres.
Nice idea, but how are you going to limit the spread of messages between cars from the point of interest and limit the flow of conversation? Another one, considering the ease of hacking any 802.11, is how are you going to stop people with laptops from clearing roads for themselves by injecting “road closed for construction” messages into the network from a whole host of fictitious cars?

Bigelow aerospace space hotel

This guy allready has a test module in space – Genesis 1 and is planning to launch Genesis 2 soon. After that will come Galaxy, which will have some habitable space in it. Together with Lockheed Martin they’re designing a launch strategy to get people to the habitat. If this all works out, he’s going for the space hotel. Galaxy is slated for 2010. Private space exploration FTW!


This site has instructions on how to build your own astromech – with galleries for all the different types of droids people have built untill now.

EU: do the people have any say?

Well, given the way the vote was swung by national governments in the last referendum for the consitution, it’s starting to look like the people might have something of a say, but given it’s track record on eg. Patents, I’m still waiting and seeing.
Now one million signatures have been collected to stop the EU parliament from going on holliday once a month to Strasbourg at a cost of EUR. 200 million per year. Aside from the ministers, aides and paperwork having to be carted around, the rent in Strasbourg (for buildings only used 12 times per year) is inflated.
France especially wants to keep it’s parliamentiary perks.

Projector? Tiny please

16×9 mm in size it will project the size of a regular projector on the wall. But not in green. Because green lasers are too frickin’ big man.
It uses one vibrating mirror to spread the light – instead of the loads of mirrors other projectors need.

Free Fonts

This site has over 10,000 fonts available for free with a nice preview functionality.

Matrox Triplehead2Go

Matrox released this some time ago, but I just found it, so here it is:
The Triplehead2Go is a box you connect a single VGA (analog) out from your PC to and then connect 3 monitors to through it’s own VGA (analog) outputs. It’s not a graphics card – Matrox has decided to not compete with the likes of Nvidia and ATi, it processes the signal to create a max resolution of 3840×1024.
Reviewers rave about the size, immersion and cost of the product (3 monitors + the Triplehead2Go cost less than $1000) but unfortunately the desktop management software falls short, getting games to work properly can sometimes be a fiddle and if you have an ATi card you can forget about it. What surprises most reviewers is that there isn’t much of a framerate hit, and the bezels between the monitors doesn’t cause much disturbance to the viewer.

Good out of the box thinking by Matrox, but unfortunately it looks like this technology will have to mature a bit (by games manufacturers, ATi and Matrox) before it becomes a ‘must have’.

AVSim review
Tomshardware review
SimHQ review
List of compatible Matrox games

iPods cheapie cheapie

Because they’re planning to launch a new product, they’re selling refurbished units with one year’s garauntee for massively cut rates on the Apple Website.
A video iPod 30GB for $179, a 2GB iPod nano for $99, for example…

Uhm, that is… if you can get it posted to you somehow – the USA Apple store doesn’t ship beyond the USA and they’re not available on the Netherlands / UK sites either.

So, if you have any idea how to get a white 30GB one here, please tell me – at $179 I’m finally overboard and want one.

Palm sized helicopter

The PicooZ micro helicopter is remote controlled, lasts around 10 minutes and is 17 cm long!

light speed over the chipbusses

The article here claims it’s light through the chip itself, but reading it, it looks more like they’ve managed to find a way to transmit data using light between the chips themselves, which is still pretty cool and will speed up the bus no end (which is a major limiting factor in PC speeds nowadays).


Harking back to the tradition of Hell’s Angels, the movie Howard Hughes famously made as the most expensive of all time at the time, Flyboys is an independent huge budget film about aviators in WWI, with real flying and loads of CGI which supposedly looks good. I’m hoping to see it!

(Here’s the IMDB link)

Default Router Passwords

Should you ever need to get into a hardware router, you’re going to need a username and password. We all know to try admin/admin, but here’s a list of the defaults for a huge selection of routers.

Make you shop

This is an interesting A – Z on how retail stores make you stay in their stores longer and buy more. It’s not complete (such as it not having anything about the most expensive goods being on the right of the isle and the cheapest being on the bottom left), but it has a whole load of interesting tricks.

NAM critisices the US

Over 100 countries, mainly third world, but including some large first world ones such as Venezuela and Malaysia, make up the Non-Aligned Movement, who are neither pro the US or Russia.
They have decided they don’t like the ‘Axis of Evil’ type sayings the US has been making, and that they see no problem with Iran’s enrichment of uranium.
Due to the size of this majority, this is being called a new kind of ‘cold war’ – and that there’s fighting talk, led by President and nutcase Chavez. I somehow doubt that the NAW has the coherence to stick up for each other in a NATO kind of sense, so I don’t see that the US will be seeing this as a somehow credible threat – but who knows, with time it could evolve into one.

Steve, don’t eat it!

.. and of course he does.

Mold, fungus, silkworm pops, prison hooch, you name it. He eats it, describes it and has colourful photos to go with it.

Our Lady of Discord makes the Solar Pantheon

The distant world whose discovery prompted leading astronomers to demote Pluto from the rank of “planet” has now been given its own official name.

Having caused so much consternation in the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the object has been called Eris, after the Greek goddess of discord.

All hail Discordia!


If you want to piss of Microsoft, you endanger their DRM system, which protects its connections to content suppliers.
FairUse4WM strips DRM off media files allowing you to do what you like with the files you paid for.
It’s now at version 1.2 and looks like it’s going to keep ahead of Microsoft.
You can find mirrors here, and the maker of the software posts in this forum too.

Security Engineering

This book was reccomended by Bruce Schneier and is now downloadable for free.

Philip K Dick Android

Someone made an android of Philip K Dick, and left his head on the airoplane, so now it’s missing. The software has been released as freeware and was fed with all the information available on Philip so that the android could talk and answer using the correct voice, posture etc.

Guardian Article


Modern Day Jousting

A blow by blow account of jousting by people who joust today.
Oddly enough they haven’t changed the armour technology at all – I guess they want to be true to the spirit, but lighter and heavier duty armour (maybe Kevlar) sounds like a plan to me.

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