US Navy accepting pilots with surgically corrected eyes

Not only that, they’re encouraging the practice. They perform PRK instead of Lasik, because they worry that the flap cut during lasik could come loose during high G combat.

Unattended Windows XP Installation

Creating an XP CD with predefined answers to all those questions and drivers for printers, as well as applications fully automated without user intervention is not a quick chore, but will save time in the future. At least it is fairly trivial. This guide tells all. (NB. navigation on the left side, not in any of the articles, which is annoying).

Interactive Urban Growth Map

The BBC has a map showing the population of urban centres globally over time. What it very specifically shows is that the Middle East and Asia are growing at an astonishing pace.

Carry your PC around with you

Here in the office we have a problem with people who work 32 hour work weeks – it basically means that one workstation is unuseable for one day per week per 32 hour employee. This means we have troo many computers. As space is at a premium, we need a solution that allows employees to sit down behind any PC, log in, and be faced with their own desktop, email settings, bookmarks, etc etc.
At first though one would go for roaming profiles, but as profiles here are around 1 GB large, It would take too long to copy the whole profile from the server in the morning and to the server at shutdown time. Also it’s not unheard of for one person to log into two computers at the same time, which brings problems when they log off the PCs in the “wrong” order. Also, reading the samba documentation and commentary, people who try to implement this all seem to think it’s a bitch to do.
Then there’s an Active Directory server. I don’t know Active Directory and I don’t feel like installing one of these things and administering it (hey, I like LINUX servers!). Apparently though this is supposed to be a viable option.
Then there’s thin client setups. Unfortunately we all need to run photoshop. A server running 8 concurrent copies of photoshop is going to cost me much more than I want to spend on this project.
So I started looking for ways to store your domain profile on USB flash drives. The XP user manager doesn’t allow you to edit or even acknowledge domain profiles, so I can’t just set the clients to read and write to a USB stick.
After a lot of looking around I found these alternatives:

IBM’s Soulpad technology, which saves the state of the OS as well as the rest, looks cool, but it’s only in technology demonstrator, ie. not available. In the article comments is an interesting description of how to emulate the technology using VMWare on an iPod.

U3 claims to be able to do this using USB drives from different manufacturers and some software they’ve created.

The U3 drives seem to be a virtual server type solution, and many of them come with Migo Data Synchronization, software that allows you to copy profile information to USB sticks or iPods.

In Dash PC

This is a tiny connector kit that connects your PC to your car stereo. It comes with software which allows you to select and play music using the stereo’s buttons. Cheap too.

Daily WTF

The Daily WTF is a site that has a daily example of programming gone completely awry. Some are hilarious, others are just sad, and some are too deep for me to figure out – if you’re a programmer, this site will most certainly have you in tears.

US Military Pondered Weaponry

From bombs that made soldiers go mad with gay love, to halitosis and making an area an attraction point for wasps and rats, the US Military has pondered non lethal weaponry quite deeply.

The ultimate wakeup

It costs a bit, but the reviews are all positive – the Axbo sleep phase alarm clock reads your body movements and wakes you up at the optimal time within 30 minutes of when you set the alarm to go off.


Nice little optical illusion, showing the effect of imprinting on the cones in our eyes.

More sex in games!

Damn, I remember that space invader clone where you had to shoot tits and condoms using your sperm quivering penis. Apparently sex in games looks better now, and game developers want more of it. Me too!

USB hacking

A seriously elegant way to hack someone’s network: drop USB sticks containing a trojan on the target’s parking lot and wait for the mail to come in.

Stunt flying

Implanting magnets

If you want to ‘feel’ electricity and magnetic fields, why not implant a magnet into your fingertips? The world will look different. Stay away from MRI scanners though!


OGLE is a project that captures 3D objects on your computer (eg. in games) and then allows you to re-use them for other purposes.

Jetpack parachutes

After being dropped from the aircraft, using this system paratroopers can zoom about the skies for 200KM. Apparently ze Germans have been using this since 2003 – is this what the air raid warnings are about?

Celebrities then and now


Stop shooting pigs with exploding bullets

PETA wants this crime to be stopped right NOW!

Random net humor

This guys list is worth googling and watching – especially number 2 and 1

Viewing the internet

There are a few ways to visualise internet and the traffic on it.

One way is to map it. The BBC has a good article on this.

The following programmes take a starting point and use linking for distance. The amount of links to and from a place is used for size.

I/O/D 4 (the webstalker) is one of my all time favorites, but lacks 3D representation, scaling and movement.

Surf 3D has several different viewing modes, and allows you to move through the map. Unfortunately the interface is a bit cluncky, allthough it gives you loads of options.

Here is a large list of links to mapping projects

The above can lead to complex maps, usually starting from a single point (a URL).
More simply, smaller datasets can be mapped.

3D Traceroute turns a traceroute into a complex grapical representation.

Xtraceroute shows a 3D globe and shows the path of the packets over the globe.

There’s a visual whois programme which alsow plots queries over a 3D globe and shows the information next to it.

Another method is to browse traffic and see what it’s doing.

Swarm shows what other swarmers are doing, with the page with the most traffic in the centre.

Driftnet displays the graphics being surfed on websites (and there is an enhancement which also displays mpeg and audio streams) over the network (install on the router)

Webcollage randomly pulls images from internet and throws them up on the screen.

Then there are more freeform methods of viewing the internet.

Driftnet ver.0 (not to be confused with the driftnet above) starts with a URL and displays in hexadecimal and screenshots, using waves to decide where to go next.

Smokers are cheaper for society

The Erasmus University has studied the costs of leading an unhealthy life, and discovered (duh) that allthough smokers cost more to care for, they lead lives which are on average 10 years shorter than non-smokers, so they cost society less.

New drug wakens vegetative patients

Only for a few minutes, but they can talk and move about a bit. No telling what the long term effects are, but they have to be better than staying asleep hooked to life support. The drug activates dormant parts of the brain around the damaged tissue, causing a sleepy waking period.

Pimp your heart

with the HBBB – Heart Beat Bass Booster – plugs on to you and boosts your heartbeat to your car stereo.

Lightsaber fighting techniques

The guy who filled this wiki has WAY too much time, needs to get out more.

419 Scammers hit pay dirt

Apparently those Nigerians really are making millions out there scamming idiots using email

Dali meets Escher

Weird surreal transformational pictures, nicely done.

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