Enormous woman to be built

The woman, with breasts and hips up to 100ft high, will be created 10 miles north of Newcastle from the waste material generated by open-cast mining, with each of her enormous curves concealing millions of tons of mining spoil.

Now this is a good way to use excavated ground!

Pimp my weapon

You can skip the ads..

Pimp my Weapon

Dutch government issues Root CA

The Dutch government is the first in the world to both issue a Root CA (Certification Authority) and present it for inclusion in a major browser. (Firefox, duh!)

Users of Firefox 1.0.2 can use
View -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Certificates -> Manage certificates -> Authorities
and scroll down to Staat der Nederlanden to verify this. Sweet.

It’s safe to assume that this is part of the PKI Overheid initiative.

How to steal a house

Simply find a couple of meth addicts and put them to carrying it away. Brick by brick.

Save your stolen phone

Clever – a little java app that installs itself on your phone, and as soon as the simcard is changed emails the new number to you. You can then choose to have a message sent to the phone every 10 minutes with your contactdetails on it. SIMWatcher by Denda

Save Toby Sucks

This guy promises to castrate the owner of savetoby.com if he receives 30K US$.


Return of the Suckage

George Lucas is describing the forthcoming finale to his Star Wars series as “Titanic in space.”

Oh boy..

Obviously, fans would love to see a movie about Darth Vader running around killing people. I’m not telling that story, and I’m not interested in that. That’s not what the movie is.

What an asshat. The one thing everyone was hoping for and he deliberately doesn’t do it. Seriously, after the horrible suckfest of Ep I & II you’d think the man would have the decency to provide us with some action packed Jedi carnage, but noooo Mr Midichlorians has to make a point by giving us 2 hours of rendered steaming dogshit.

I’m still going to see it, though.


Also, the marketing madness is about to start again.

Addidas Intelligent Trainer review

At engadget – unfortunately they don’t tell you how much these things weigh.

Human area network

Forget cables and bluetooth – 2MBps using your skin!

New way to detect planets

Well, they were doing it by looking at how light bends and stuff before, because large mass objects (such as planets) have a gravitational pull (allthough that theory is in doubt considering the flight path of the discovery spacecraft). Anyhow, now they can detect planets and maybe the wind conditions on them by using infrared light glows.

Neural computer interfaces

Well, I knew this could be done using electrodes, but Braingate drills into your skull and connects the wire directly to your brain!
Very curious how long you have to train to be able to use this…

Massive aircraft carrying supersubs

They found a Japanese one from WWII – and who said it wasn’t possible to fly bombers from submarines?

Meet People With Herpes (dot net)

I’m not really sure what to say about this.


If you do things at speed for long distances

Then a slide rule watch isn’t a bad idea. But Breiltling Old Nav still looks better with the same functionality. But a waaaay higher price!

RFID jammer

Out now

Build your own teleprompter

Out of a bunch of CD cases and a laptop

Week 35

Good morning and welcome to week 35. As you can see, we are cruising at a rate of one day per 24 hours, and a spin rate of 365 days per year. Please fasten your seatbelt when you see the light come on. This week we are predicting 5 days of work and 2 days of free time, with some periods of leisure, most likely starting at around 1800 daily.

The stewardesses will now show you how to start your alarm, and demonstrate a proper wake up action and tea making procedure in the event of an emergency.

This was your captain speaking, on behalf of the cabin crew and the company, we would like to wish you a pleasant week.

Squooshy Pineapple Photos

Alternative captions.


Every language flamewar ever

Moore’s Law! Mooooooore’s Laaaaaaw!


Yahoo Buzz Game

Google isn’t the only player to experiment – Yahoo has its own public research page.

The Tech Buzz Game is a very interesting fantasy prediction market for high-tech products, concepts, and trends.

In the Web Application Frameworks market, I’m betting on Rails.

Human extinction

What’s it going to be? Asteroid impact, World War III, Global Warming, Global Dimming, Biowarfare or is it just a minor die off post Global Peak Oil?

Consider Voluntary Human Extinction as a more humane alternative.

Evil Overlord list

A top 100 list of things to do once you become an Evil Overlord.


Blackholes ‘n fireballs, my favorite combo

The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) in New York apparently creates fireballs (whee!) that have the characteristics of a Black Hole, with particles disappearing into the fireball’s core and reappearing as thermal radiation.

Funky. I’ll take two to go.



“If Barbie were a career-focused woman working in the IT industry in 2003, she would support open standards,” he says. “She would be seeking out free and open-source alternatives to current proprietary solutions, saving her company tens of thousands of dollars on management headaches associated with tracking software licenses and preparing for BSA audits. She would be looking at deploying Linux clients on the desktop and Linux servers in the back office. She wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice power for features, and she would demand a system that is stable, secure, and easily configurable.”

“Barbie would also be tired of Microsoft’s licensing bullshit,” he added.


Big Fuggin’ Radio Gun

Not sure how I’d feel if someone pointed one of these at me. It looks marginally less threatening than last year’s Schmoo Sniper Yagi.

(Bluetooth + WiFi remote access)

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