Google Earth US Nuke Tracker

The entire inventory of the US nuclear arsenal is spreat over 18 military facilities in the states and Europe and available for download into Google Earth.

Labouchere of Arabia

Defensetech is running an article about a lt. colonel in Iraq running around his province using lightly armoured small patrols, refusing to use much in the way of technology and booking remarkable success doing the job much more cheaply and effectively than other units in Iraq.

Electronic Wedge Brakes

These brakes stop your car in half the distance and will last longer. Be careful of the car behind you!

Very pretty pictures

This site has 20 extremely attractive pictures on it.

FLV Video Compression

For all the haters – Flash is the new internet video medium!
Here is a nice guide with information on compressing to FLV and serving it.


VideoLAN VLC media player is a streaming media server and client solution that runs on loads of platforms and goes for free.

US Army Command and Conquer

The US Army has a cool new simulation system, which I guess will be integrated with RL maneuver, showing units up to squad level on a map, updated continuously and allowing commanders control of the units. There’s a link in here to the maneuver control system which is well worth following.

USB help me

This is a nice piece of software that starts up with the insertion of your USB drive giving your home address and a little message.

Ceelite LEC

Ceelite creates flat lightbulbs on sheets of bendable plastic.
Want it in my house, but no pricing on the site.

Strange Maps

This site has a whole load of strange and unusual maps – from fantasy lands to Europe in the 15th century as well as how the states formed in the Australia.

Blue Eye Table Scanner

This huge scanner has a monitor built in to it, and scans the tabletop in less than a second. It also has animation and image editing functions in the software.

Brain eating virusses

Several virusses such as HIV and herpes are known to be able to cross over to the brain and then start eating it up. There are several more of these types of virusses, which when taken over the lifetime of the individual, will eat up enough brain matter to impair cognition. This takes on forms such as chronic forgetfullness.

IE Can’t open pages

For some reason Internet Explorer has a problem opening websites containing the Google Maps API with a totally non-saying why error leading to a generic page. The linkielist contained this API, and it has now been removed, so IE users can get back to reading this.

If your supplier can’t win

Do something they should have done – and then for a supplier that will win!

StyleTap has created a Palm OS emulator for Pocket PCs running windows Mobile. They will be releasing for Symbian soon. The emulator runs everything ever written for any Palm OS, regardless of version or chip architecture (something Palm can’t seem to do itself) and offers hooks into Pocket PC hardware for optimisation, but those programs will only run on StyleTap once done.

Now if they could only get those Pocket PCs to not wipe every time they run out of batteries…

On line gaming taxed

The US was looking into it, but Australia has decided – tax stuff done on-line. If there is a monetary benefit. I guess a whole load of tax boards are going to be looking at Australia to see if it can actually be done.

Secure your Quantum Computer

Researchers are allready looking into the security of quantum computers. Basically they throw up a castle of fake data and take the computer off the network for a loooooong time compared to normal computers. This is necessary due to the inherent fragility of the states of the qubits, but surprisingly doesn’t really contribute to slower computing becuase of the blinding speed of them.

Huge Skateboarding ramp

This ramp is 360 ft long and 75 ft high, has some huge jumps on it and gets you up to speeds of around 85 kph. Only around two dozen people are good enough to ride it, apparently.

XGL Compiz Window manager for Linux

If you’ve seen the future of UIs with Vista, Mac and Linux (search this site for ‘cube’) you know that Compiz with the flying cubes wins hands down – looks very very cool.

There is, however some confusion as to how to get it to run – it’s not trivial, but not so hard either.

One thing you need to know is that Compiz has forked into two projects:

1) Compiz (vanilla by Novell)
2) Beryl (formerly Compiz-QuinnStorm, the branch which the users have split off due to users building more and more of their own plugins).

Debian Unstable allows you to install compiz-vanilla.
They are still working on a Beryl package.

Ubuntu allready has a Beryl package. The installation wiki is here.

Portable skin cancer treatment

Scottish scientists have developed a sticker / plaster which activates the anti-skin cancer cream using light allowing patients to have the treatment on the go instead of having to lie motionless for hours under cumbersome hospital equipment. Initial studies are very promising.

Spokeless wheels

I’ve seen these on motorcycles, but not yet on cars – looks cool, but what about overheating problems?

How to go round the no fly list

Christopher Soghoian set up a site that allowed you to print your own boarding passes, exploiting a big hole in US domestic flight security, which allows anyone to board domestic flights without showing IDs if they allready have a boarding pass.

Optimising page load time

This guy has made a study of how to decrease web page load time using server settings, caching, code and browser settings.

Hack that passport

The proof of concept code opening up that RFID passport you always wanted to have has been made public and posted on Bugtraq.

HAL-5 robosuit ramping up production

Yes, soon you too will be able to scale Mt. Everest with someone on your back thanks to your augmented powersuit exoskeleton. If you have the +- $60,000 to buy one with. Production for 2007 is expected to be around 20 units, with around 400 + rolling off the lines in 2008.

Vista woes

Vista is upsetting everyone, with rumours that you can’t turn off the starting sound or have access to the kernel etc. but now it’s getting quite serious.

First, Patchguard has been compormised by Authentium prompting a backlash from Redmond stating that companies have no business even trying to compromise the kernel protection because it makes things unsafe for the Vista customer. Like private individuals aren’t going to try? And succeed?

Now the new EULA has become a draconian affair, royally screwing the customer – 2 of the 6 versions are not allowed to be installed on a virtualised environment and the Ultimate version is not allowed to play DRM protected content on a virtualised environment. Besides that you will only be allowed to install Vista on 2 PCs (ie transfer it to one new PC) and after that you can throw the licence key to Vista away and buy another one.

One of the discussions here

Another here.

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